Spartan Survival “Are you tough enough” competition



Spartan Survival “are you tough enough” gives you a chance to try something new.

On arrival you will be issued with minimal kit along with instruction on how to build a shelter, use a knife, and some other skills to aid you in the wild. You will then be taken to an area in the woods to survive.

What are we looking for?  Well anyone can rock up and sleep in the woods for a night, but we want to see if you have a longer view in mind, are you in it to win or just sleep in the woods.  You will be expected to make a shelter, build a fire, collect water and purify it, make bread for food and anything else that would help improve your chances.

You will be judged by your peers at the end of the event and given a chance to win some money (upto £200).

This event is not for everyone and we have had plenty who have failed to achieve a night in the woods.

Where is it?  The Avenue, Stanton Fitzwarren, Swindon SN6 7SF



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