Mike Harrison

Course Instructor

Mike’s love for the outdoors started at an early age. Raised in Cornwall, Mike was always outside in local woods building dens and climbing trees.

Brainchild of Spartan Survival, Mike’s love for the outdoors started at an early age. Raised in Cornwall Mike was always outside in local woods building dens and making traps.

He attended his first survival course whilst in the Army Cadets at the age of 12 and has not looked back since. Mike joined the Armed forces at 16 and has trained alongside the Military’s Special Forces on a variety of courses. He has also been lucky enough to be part of expeditions in the French Alps, Afghanistan’s deserts, North America, Africa and the Highlands of Scotland allowing him to test his Bushcraft and Survival skills in a variety of environments.

Mike left the forces in 2016 and settled in Wiltshire with his family. He continued his Bushcraft and Survival studies in the civilian world. Mike currently holds the NCFE Level 3 Bushcraft, Survival and Wilderness living skills qualification and continues his training to produce excellence in both training and personal knowledge.

Mike passes on his Bushcraft and survival skills in a fun and relaxed manner, concentrating on Bushcraft as a sustainable way of living and Survival as a means to live in a difficult situation. Mike has a real passion for teaching practical and adaptable Bushcraft skills and takes genuine pleasure in his teaching.


Course Instructor

Ryan’s love of being outdoors came as child while in the scout’s, from there it carried on in his 10 years of serving in the Royal Marine Commandos and work along side the UK special forces.

While serving he had the opportunity to travel to the jungles of Belize and Sierra Leone, the deserts of Oman, Iraq, Bahrain, Kuwait, Afghanistan to name a few places where he was able to test his skills in these harsh environments.

After leaving the Royal Marines he kept his hand in his survival, bushcraft and wilderness skills by taking his children onto Dartmoor and local area teaching them how to live, he is a NCFE Level 3 instructor and working towards his level 4.

Ryan likes to teach in a fun and relaxed manner, he strongly believes in thriving in all environments not surviving. He has a real passion in ensuring that everyone of all ages can walk away from our course’s with their heads held high feeling acknowledge and knowing they have a great skill set to look after themselves and the people around them.

Chris Pearce

Course Instructor

Born 1965, Chris grew up in idyllic rural Wiltshire around farming and the wild country and from an early age he learnt how to live with and around nature rather than against it.

What fascinated Chris was to get away from the human world and be alone with wildlife of all kinds. Chris studied Ecology at A-level and so developed a keen interest in Conservation.

Chris would serve 12 years with the Territorial Army where his unit was involved in airborne resupply of special forces; so, as part of Army Aircrew he undertook military survival training, learning how to survive in the wilderness and evade capture in the event our aircraft was brought down. This gave Chris some skills to have a sustainable life in the wild but he wasn’t content and wanted more knowledge, specifically on how to make the wilderness a home: He didn’t want to evade nature, He wanted to live in it!!.

For many years now Chris has learned by practising Bushcraft to sustain his local environment. It’s a subject you never stop learning, which is why I am constantly endeavouring to increase my knowledge base.